> drs. iris speckmann (1978)

drs. Iris Speckmann (1978)

Iris Speckmann is a PhD candidate at the Dutch Mennonite Seminary , which is affiliated with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU). She graduated from the VU with a Master of Theologyin 2005 and, for the past nine years, she has worked as a Mennonite minister in the Netherlands[1] . Iris is currently the assistant of the Visiting Professor[2]  of Vrijzinnige Theologie at the Mennonite Seminary.

Research project
Commensality in- and outside the Mennonite tradition. Phenomenological research in a postsecular context

Supervisors: Prof. dr. Christa W. Anbeek & Prof. dr.Fernando Enns

 Iris’s PhD research deals with the role of commensality during meaning making, identity making and community making. The research entails a comparison of meals inside and outside of the Mennonite church. The purpose of this research is to find a bridge between meaning making at (post)secular tables and the meaning of the ritual of the Lords Supper from a Dutch Mennonite perspective.

Key words
Mennonite tradition, Ritual Studies, Lord’s Supper, Communion, Eucharist, Empirical Theology.



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