> prof. dr. fernando enns (1964)

prof. dr. Fernando Enns (1964)

In my research I focus on peace and justice from a theological and ethical perspective. Being rooted in a peace-church tradition myself and educated as a systematic theologian in the Christian tradition, I try to address the issues of peace and justice in a dialogical manner: in dialogue with other Chritian traditions (ecumenical), with other religions (inter-religious) and non-believers as well as with other disciplines (inter-disciplinary). This creates new wisdom for peace-building and transformative justice in praxis. Along that line of thought, the challenges and opportunities of and for processes of reconciliation become predominant, as well as the search for spiritual roots within the faith traditions to pursue a just peace.

My involvement in international ecumenical settings, like the World Council of Churches, continues to stimulate my research and put it to test in that intercultural and public arena.

See also dr Enns'†VU page.


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