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Study Programs

The Mennonite Seminary offers a range of possibilities to study Mennonite theology within the wider range of academic theological educational programs at the Vrije Universiteit.

Peace, Trauma and Religion Ė one-year Master
From 2015 on, the Vrije Universiteit offers within the One Year master of Theology and Religious Studies a specialization ďPeace, Trauma and ReligionĒ, which was developed under the supervision of Mennonite professor Fernando Enns. This one-year program is open to both theologians and non-theologians who hold an international bachelor degree. Click for further information about the program and admission. http://vu.nl/en/programmes/international-masters/programmes/r-z/peace-trauma-religion/index.aspx

Other one-year Masterís Programs
The Vrije Universiteit offers additional one-year Master programs which can include courses in Mennonite theology. †Click for further information about the program and admission. http://godgeleerdheid.vu.nl/en/programmes/masters/index.aspx

Research Masterís Ė two-year Masterís Program
Students who want to prepare themselves for a PhD-research project can follow the two-year Research Masterís program.† The Research Masterís degree offers excellent opportunities for study in a chosen sub-discipline of Mennonite theology (be it either peace theology, Mennonite history or post-modern and liberal theology) and disciplines like biblical theology or dogmatics. Click for further information about the program and admission http://vu.nl/en/programmes/international-masters/programmes/r-z/theology-and-religious-studies-research/index.aspx

Academic Educational Program for Mennonite Pastors
The academic training for Mennonite pastors consists of a three-year bachelor and a three-year masterís program.† Both programs require a sufficient proficiency in Dutch. An admission test is obligatory. To acquire an official status as an ordained pastor for the Dutch Mennonite Conference the student will have to follow an additional study program which cover the courses in Mennonite theology within the bachelor program. This requirement however, only concerns the Dutch Mennonite Conference and is not demanded by the Vrije Universiteit. Students who want to become pastors within their own national Mennonite churches should inquire with their national conference about the requirements.

To learn more about admittance to the Dutch bachelor program for international students click here http://www.bachelors.vu.amsterdam/en/degree-programmes/in-dutch/index.aspx

PhD studies
The Vrije Universteit offers the opportunity for PhD-studies within its Graduate School http://godgeleerdheid.vu.nl/nl/onderzoek/graduate-school/index.aspx under the supervision of both Mennonite and non-Mennonite professors. The Mennonite Seminary is internationally recognised for its many outstanding PhD-research projects, which have been conducted in the field of Mennonite history. One of the unique opportunities the seminary offers is to do PhD-research in cooperation with the Amsterdam Center for Religion and Peace and Justice Studies http://www.religionpeacejustice.com/ .

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