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Peace, Mennonite History and Post-modern Liberal Theology

Three elements determine the identity of the Amsterdam Mennonite Seminary, reflecting its rootedness in the Dutch Mennonite tradition.

As one of Historic Peace Churches, “Doing theology from a Mennonite perspective” means theological reflection with a practical outlook. In an ecumenical and multicultural context themes like “justice and peace”, “atonement and reconciliation” plus ecumenical and bilateral dialogues on peace are an important focus.  Research and education in the field of peace theology is administered by the Amsterdam Center for Religion, Peace and Justice Studies (link) under the supervision of the Mennonite Seminary.

Mennonite History
The Dutch Mennonite community has a long and rich history. Having acquired a unique position in academic research on Mennonite history, the Dutch Mennonite Seminary aims to be an inspiring environment for ongoing research and education in the field of Mennonite history worldwide.

Post-modern and Liberal Theology
Theology in the Dutch Mennonite context has been shaped by the liberal Dutch culture, in the face of strong Calvinist influence. It has developed a post-modern orientation with a strong focus on personal autonomy, tolerance and openness to secular society.

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